Toothpaste is thought to be among the cheap options for treating pimples. The reason for this is that toothpaste contains an ingredient that’s known as triclosan. This is an antibacterial compound that’s added to most of personal care products such as soaps, body wash and deodorant. The million dollar question is-does toothpaste gets rid of pimples?

Well, for most people, applying toothpaste on the pimple delivers positive results. If you have a special occasion, a big date, or a corporate party the next day, a pimple will find a way to your otherwise pretty face. This is something that you cannot hide and will wreck your self esteem. Pimples take the bigger share for skincare issues.


But what’s A Pimple?

A pimple is an inflammation of the skin that’s caused by a clogged pore. Some of the reasons why skin develops pimples are when there are hormonal imbalances, pore clogging, dirty skin and the use of certain body or facial products. The body will be trying to push the impurity outside the body surface, but it won’t get out therefore causing the development of pimples. Pimples can last for a couple of days or weeks depending on the amount of impact on the pores. In some instance, popping a pimple may offer some instant gratification, but may lead to bleeding and permanent scarring. Rather than opting to pop it out, it may be better to use toothpaste to get rid of it.

Does Toothpaste Get Rid of Pimples?

For many years, toothpaste has been touted as one of the best pimples drying remedy for home use. It’s an effective alternative to the expensive blemish remedies that are available for sale in the market. To ensure that the pimple dries quickly, you will need to apply the toothpaste directly on the pimple. To achieve excellent results, you should ice the pimple ten minutes before you apply it. Better results are achieved when you apply the paste at bedtime and allow it to draw out the impurities. When you wake up in the morning, ensure that the skin is thoroughly cleansed. The pimple will look much smaller and will be less noticeable. However, it’s imperative to understand that different results are achieved by those who use toothpaste as a remedy for pimples.

Preventing Pimples Outbreak

Prevention is definitely the best cure for pimples and hordes of other skin conditions. There are several precautionary measures that can be adopted to avoid pimples. Cleaning the skin regularly and washing off dead skin helps tremendously. Don’t exercise while you are wearing makeup. It’s also important to drink adequate amount of water everyday. Introduce fresh diet with adequate vegetable and fruits. Applying a moisturizer on the skin, rinsing the skin well after applying sunscreen and reducing stress are known to help. Drink several glasses of tea and a variety of other antioxidants.

Notwithstanding the cause, pimples can be an embarrassing nuisance. But even with care, everyone will have a fair share of it. If you try several prevention methods to no success, zapping the pimple with toothpaste will provide the gratification that you require.