How-Does-Drinking-Water-Help-AcneIf you think about it, it seems inevitable to drink water. It is common to find many doctors advising their patients to always drink a lot of water or fluid each day. The truth about drinking water is that you get to end up with a hydrated body and also a healthy skin. The water in your body might not fully cure the acne problems, but it helps in preventing continuous breakouts of the same problem. We will get to learn more about how does drinking water help acne below.

Drinking water vs. fighting acne

The body is made of about 70% water, which means more fluids are always circulating around your body. Such fluids include blood, mucus, lymph and many others. Such fluids have the job of carrying nutrients and nutrients to different parts of the body. They also help with flushing out toxins from the body. Since your skin is the largest organ of the body, it is quite affected when you do not have enough water in the body. The toxins, bacteria and bodily waste will tend to build up on your skin. If there is no enough water to flush them, then such waste is likely to lead to more acne.

There is more to having acne when you are always dehydrated. The dehydration is likely to cause damage to the skin and accelerate aging for someone.

Do not use water alternatives more often

Drinking water helps a lot when it comes to dealing with acne indirectly. Most of the time whenever you are thirsty, you might be tempted to drink other beverages other than water. You will find most people opting for the high-glycemic beverages that often have an effect on your acne. By ensuring you get to substitute such soft drinks with water, you are making it easy to maintain your overall diet and also keeping a healthy skin.

How many glasses of water to drink

The whole idea of drinking water per day can vary from one person to another. Each person is likely to have different needs of water per day, but there is the recommended amount that you might have to accomplish per day. Most of the time you will be told to have a minimum of 8 glasses of water each day. Such an amount should be adequate for anyone who is looking to have a healthy skin.

Water is not the final cure

Many people will look for the simplest way out of having acne or pimples. What you need to know is that water is not always a miracle cure for your acne. Water is simply a hydrating compound that will get your skin moisturizing and cleanse the waste build up. Water on the other side does not affect oil production around your skin. For most cases, the over-production of the oil is what leads to acne. In such a case, just drinking lots of water will not help in dealing with acne.

To combat the overproduction oil a form of treatment is necessary. If you have some mild acne, over the counter products can help in dealing with their spread. For moderate to severe acne, visit a doctor or dermatologist to help obtain the proper treatment for your condition.

Eating, water and acne

The diet you take is also a contributing factor to the breakout of acne in the first place. Combine water with at least four servings of raw fruits and vegetables. The fruits are known to have many health benefits that your body could use all the time. The fruits too come with water content and cleansing effect all important for the body. The same thing can be said for the vegetables, which have many minerals and vitamins to offer.

You will also need to eat food high in fiber content. We have been advised before about eating more food with high fiber content as it helps with digestion. In this case, the high fiber will help in cleaning the colon area and get rid of toxins in the body. The removal of toxins in the body does a long way to eliminate the formation of acnes because of bacteria in the body.
Sugars are often not encouraged in many diets. You might have to cut back on most forms of sugars. Most of the time you will have to stop drinking many soft drinks. Having too much sugar in the body is likely to affect the immune system, making it hard to fight bacteria. The bacteria will in time lead to acne or even worse conditions.

What about moisturizers?

Water can be easily evaporated from the skin in no time. You need to keep the skin moisturized if you are looking to keep it from having acne. Trapping the water is possible when using moisturizers on the skin. You are advised to choose the oil based moisturizers. The alcohol based moisturizers tend to be short lived thus you might end up having losing water again. The oil based moisturizers can hold the water in the skin pores for even 12 hours. This will always leave your skin smooth and well hydrated. You can apply the moisturizer each day to help eliminate acne and leave you with a smooth skin always.

It is easy to see some people settling for some products to deal with acne. It is not always wise to use products that are not recommended by a dermatologist. The best way of combating acne most of the time is through having a consultation with a dermatologist to help find the right product. Some product has in some cases made the condition worse. Taking care of your skin also starts with the products that you choose to apply on it. Stick to safe product at all times are directed by a professional.


As you can see the question of does drinking water help acne can be answered in so many ways. The important part is to make sure that you have enough water to hydrate the body and still fight acne. You can still use water in combination of other treatments to eliminate the acne completely.