Everything you need to know about white head pimples!
Everyone (okay, ALMOST everyone) is going to have to fight through a battle or two with white head pimples at least once in their lives. And most of us are going to have to go through that fight a lot more than once!

Whitehead pimples, though, happen to be the easiest of the bunch to get rid of… if you know what you’re doing, anyway. With a couple of skin care tips and tricks (and the inside information below about how these pimples form in the first place) you’re going to be able to banish them from your life once and for all.
So if you’re ready to dive right in and clear up your complexion, let’s get right to it!

What is a whitehead pimple?


Far and away the most common kind of pimple or acne that you’re ever going to have to bump up against, the overwhelming majority of the population – the global population, that is – are going to have to deal with whitehead pimples every now and again.
Whitehead pimples (like most any other pimples that you’re going to come across) are simply blemishes on your skin that are basically mini wounds that have been flooded over with bacteria and pus. The pus is the reason that whitehead pimples look white in the first place (at least when they are popped, anyway).

What causes white head pimples?

There are a bunch of different reasons that whitehead pimples are going to hear their ugly faces in the first place, but the overwhelming majority of them boil down into these five different areas:

  • Acne caused by hormonal changes in your body
  • Dietary issues that are causing a reaction uncross your skin
  • Pollution and skin cleanliness issues
  • The consumption of oily or greasy food
  • Outside allergens that come in contact with your skin

Most people are going to have to deal with whiteheads because they are a “package deal” with acne. People are going to start to get acne as they get into the adolescent part of their lives, as this is when the hormones really start to take off and create a cascade of biochemical reactions throughout your body that play havoc with your skin.

Others are going to eat foods that they do not know they are allergic to come in those foods are going to contribute directly to whitehead production days after the meals have been consumed. Oily and greasy foods are especially notorious for causing these kinds of issues, but they aren’t the only things that can trigger whitehead production. Sugar will also do the job!

It’s even possible to have whiteheads show up because you’ve come in contact with allergens (any kind of allergen, almost) that have nestled up against your skin and cause a collection of bacteria to form in your pores. These whitehead pimples can get especially painful, which is why they need to be addressed ASAP!

Here’s how to get rid of whiteheads

When you know what you’re getting into, removing whitehead pimples becomes a lot easier than most people make it out to be.

The important thing to remember (the MOST important thing to remember, at that) is that you never want to pop your whitehead pimples no matter how tempting it may be. A lot of people think that popping your pimples is the best way to get rid of them, but what you’re really doing is bursting the bubble of bacteria and pus that is otherwise self-contained and then spreading it all over your face during the ensuing explosion.

That’s only going to spread that bacteria and pus, and create a whole bunch of other Whitehead pimples later down the line!
What you’re going to want to do instead is to gently clean and cleanse your face every single night and every single morning, making sure to apply moisturizer each day to block against bacteria from forming.

If you have especially resilient whiteheads that aren’t going away after you have adapted a new skin care routine, you’re going to want to get your hands on some tea tree oil and begin to apply even quantities to the whiteheads before you go to sleep.

Just don’t be surprised if those whiteheads disappear and dissolved by the time that you wake up!